For quite some time, I’ve enjoyed making fun of UltraViolet, the new form of DRM wrapped in an extremely lame name (which calls to mind the shitty movie of the same name). But it was hard to know just how shitty it would be because it wasn’t out yet. Well, now it’s out. And apparently it’s even worse than I imagined.

As NewTeeVee points out, the Amazon reviews for the first discs featuring UltraViolet focus on the technology, calling it “awful”, “bogus”, and a “joke”. Even better is the review from a customer explaining what a nightmare it was to get it to work with Flixster, the supposed streaming partner. 

But the key remains what’s missing. Namely Apple. Writes Janko Roettgers:

Many consumers took issue with the fact that they couldn’t download the digital version onto their iPad.

There’s supposedly a way to get it to work on iOS machines with Flixster, but no one is going to do that. And well, see above. It also doesn’t play nice with Amazon’s soon-to-be-larger ecosystem. Disney is not on board either.

As I suspected, the system sounds like a total fucking nightmare. The fact that Hollywood thought this would work just shows how utterly clueless they are. 

It’s a complete TOA (turd on arrival). You can say you’re going to wrap a piece of shit in a pretty bow, but if the bow actually looks like shit, and the shit still smells like shit, you’re not going to fool anyone. 

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