Fine, I’ll take the bait. A few things here.

First, Blodget sets up his argument by saying that Apple fans are more or less in denial. He cites the continued march of the Android platform both in terms of phone quality and market share which are huge blows to Apple. 

The result of these huge blows? Apple becoming the most valuable company in the world while pulling in more profits than most of its competitors combined.

It’s the most beautiful kind of losing ever, apparently. 

Then Blodget dives into why the latest VERY IMPORTANT story about Samsung “winning” the smartphone sales war will be the latest disaster for Apple. Of course, as he notes, "winning" still needs a fairly large asterisk for a few reasons.

Doesn’t matter. Apple is still in big trouble. A company that sells dozens of models across all carriers is outselling a company that sells two models (now three) on a limited number of carriers (though expanding). 

Just as with overall Android marketshare, it’s a bit pathetic that Samsung wasn’t ahead of Apple earlier. 

Then, after essentially setting up why Apple is so fucked because history is repeating itself all over again, Blodget argues directly against that idea.

Sure, this time is different. But that doesn’t matter. Apple will fall because they just will.

They will be the most profitable failure ever. The most valuable failure ever. 

And it’s their own fault! “Apple’s decision to move the launch of the latest iPhone back three months, as well as its decision not release a revolutionary new phone until next year, have helped Android close the gap,” Blodget notes.

Apple definitely had this incredible meeting a few months ago to say, “how can we best screw ourselves?” A decision was clearly made to not release the best device possible, but instead to release a shitty one — and also to delay the shitty one. This was all done on purpose.

That shitty one just set a record for sales — for any phone ever, mind you — with 4 million units sold in three days. Apple will sell by far a record number of iPhones — the shitty one, remember — this quarter. They’ll make more money than ever.

Doesn’t matter. They’re going down. Just as they have been. IN CAPS.

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