This is the most interesting bit about the rumored refresh of the Apple TV yet. Apple hasn’t talked a lot about the inclusion of Bluetooth 4.0 in both the iPhone 4S and the recent MacBooks, but it’s clearly there for a reason. 

What if we do see some sort of new Apple peripherals as a result? Perhaps a large Magic Trackpad for iOS games running on the Apple TV? Or, as 9to5 Mac suggests, maybe this is about Siri integration? Or maybe it’s simply about a better (faster) iPhone/Apple TV connection for using the great Remote app.

I have no real clue, I just can’t believe Apple would bother to include the new Bluetooth chip in the Apple TV if they didn’t intend to use it — and soon.

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    I would like my Time Capsule and Apple TV to be one unit. That would be really swell.
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