Bijan Sabet:

The opposite is true on my iPhone. Even though I’m a preacher for the open web & html5, the reality is right now, I use a ton of iPhone apps and prefer many of them over their web counterparts (regardless the platform). I wish this wasn’t true but it is.

I feel the same way, and I know we’re not the only two. The sad fact is that while many HTML5 mobile apps are impressive, they’re mainly impressive in novelty and/or when you think about how they might function in the future.

Right now, a “good” mobile native app always beats an “awesome” mobile HTML5 app. That should change, but it will take a long time because the standards governing boards take too long to move.

And that’s exactly why Apple was smart to switch from only allowing developers to build web apps, to moving them native (though I’d bet they always had that in mind).

But talking about the Mac App Store, Ryan Block notes (and Sabet agrees) that it may not be as strong because the model doesn’t work as well when many free web apps are great on the computer. I agree with that too but I think there’s a big “if” in there.

If third-party developers start creating a new class of low-cost, simple apps for this Mac App Store, I think they could take off. 

Games are obviously going to work well in this store, but imagine a Pandora Mac app. Pandora has their own app, but it’s AIR-based and requires a Pandora One (premium) account. A lot of people would want this new native Mac app.

And Pandora could likely even charge something for it (maybe $5 or $10) for some premium features. A ton of people would buy it, and that could be an awesome new little business for the company.

I can think of dozens of other examples like this. And it’s going to beyond that, I think. 

While Facebook may not seem to make a lot of sense as a native Mac app since the web app is so good, they could make a lighter version that’s better at certain things — like uploading and browsing pictures, for example. 

Just as with Apple’s original App Store, the third-party developers, and what they come up with, are going to make or break this thing.

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