On A Safari

For no good reason, I decided to use Safari as my main browser today. Actually, there is a pretty decent reason: this. Flash can apparently shave 2 hours off of battery life on the new MacBook Air (and presumably other Macs as well). Chrome comes with Flash baked-in. Safari does not.

Yes, I have a Flash blocker extension installed on Chrome, but Flash has still been crashing my browser left and right in recent weeks. And it’s the only thing that ever seems to strain any of my computers at all. So I’m testing out the Flash-free Safari.

I’ve already noticed a few things I definitely would miss about Chrome:

1) The Omnibox. I don’t know why on Earth all browsers don’t have this. It’s just sort of silly to have two input boxes, one for URLs and one for search. Why not just have one input box to rule them all?

2) Pinned tabs. Tabs in Safari that I always have open, like Gmail, take up way too much space. On the flip-side, it’s nice to be able to see unread counts again.

3) New related tabs opening next to your current tab. A small thing, but I prefer this over related tabs opening at the end of the tab bar (which Safari does).

4) Tab overview. On the Mac version of Chrome, there’s a flag (formerly Labs) you can enable to allow a three-finger swipe down to show you an overview of all the tabs you have open — just like Expose for apps on the Mac. 

Other than that, so far, so good. As a bonus, I’ve noticed that New Twitter is a lot less buggy in Safari too.

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