This is interesting, a new Roku box that’s not a box at all, it’s a stick — essentially a thumb drive. Yes, that’s insanely small for a set top box but perhaps more importantly, it doesn’t require a power cord.

This is possible thanks to MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) which is integrated into newer HDMI ports. This also allows you to control the Roku with your standard TV controller. 

Imagine a cable box that worked like this? Instead of a gigantic, overheating piece of shitty plastic, it could be a tiny stick that you pop into the side of your TV. DVR capabilities might be an issue, but that’s all moving to the cloud anyway. 

Sadly, unless you go to Best Buy (and who wants to do that anymore?) to pick up an Insignia TV, you’ll have to wait until the fall to buy one of these bad boys. Too bad, Roku could use it now.

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