What a strange post from Paul Thurrott. The information is interesting, but the set up and tone is bizarre. He has information, but he’s holding it back — until he sees false information, then he comes forward. But not with everything because, well, that would be mean to Microsoft.

Serious question: does Thurrott work for Microsoft or for himself? His site is obviously all about Microsoft, but it at least gives the illusion of independence. So why act as an extension of the Microsoft PR team if they’re not paying you for that?

Ben Brooks seems to have this right:

In other words: Thurrott does as Microsoft wishes, not what is best for his not-so-super site.

As does Matt Mullenweg:

Mr Thurrott, perhaps if you didn’t sit on stories for so long other people wouldn’t break them. Your responsibility is to your audience, not Microsoft’s CES launch plans.

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