Anonymous asked:

What's your opinion on Robert X. Cringely's recent post on his blog predicting that there will soon be an "insurrection" at Apple and Tim Cook won't be the CEO for much longer?

My professional opinion is that it’s preposterous.

My unprofessional opinion is that it’s fucking preposterous.

Is there going to be turnover at Apple in 2012? Of course. Guess what? There was turnover under Steve Jobs every year as well. Is Tim Cook ā€” who has been acting CEO for extended periods of time twice before, remember ā€” going to be stabbed in the back and forced out in 2012? Ha.

The sad thing is that the prediction isn’t even the most batshit crazy one that Cringely has this year. I guess when you’re about to retire you can just say whatever the hell you want and not worry about it. Good for him.

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