This looked bad last night. A Windows Phone Blog post indicating that Microsoft was taking steps to be less transparent about phone updates. And it sure read like they were doing it at the behest of the carriers. 

But not to worry says Mary-Jo Foley. She spoke to some Microsofties who told her nothing had actually changed in the Windows Phone update/carrier relationship. Microsoft simply didn’t want to have to keep updating the Where’s My Phone Update? page as the number of devices and carriers grew.

Okay, fair enough, just awful framing on Microsoft’s post apparently (nothing new there). But this line still sends a shiver down my spine:

The update, available to all carriers that request it, is part of our ongoing maintenance of Windows Phone.

Again, is this just really poor wording, or is that true? Can carriers decide not to accept Windows Phone updates? If so, how is that better than Android’s laughable model? 

Or is this only referring to small updates that are only meant for certain Windows Phone devices? This really needs to be more clear. 

140+ comments on that post are thinking the same thing.

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