I think Farhad Manjoo has this exactly right on Twitter:

I have yet to touch this (or the Lumia 800 for that matter), but what was shown today immediately makes every Android phone look like shit. Well, the iPhone has done that for years. Even more like shit, let’s say. 

This is how you need to make a phone in the post-iPhone world. I fully intend to try this phone out to see how it stacks up against the iPhone.

See, it’s not that hard. Make something that looks awesome with a clear attention to detail and people like me will want to try it out. Hopefully this quiets the notion that anything that’s not the iPhone will get no love simply because it’s not the iPhone. (Sadly, it won’t.)

The iPhone is a great product. To beat it, you need to be better than it. No one has done that yet — but even worse, it hasn’t looked like anyone was even trying until now.

Coincidentally, it was exactly 5 years ago today when the iPhone was first unveiled on stage during the Macworld keynote in 2007.

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