You Shall Not Path

I’m not even sure why just yet, but Path is very, very interesting to me. It’s almost as if Path is trying to out-Facebook Facebook, now that the latter is veering towards more public-facing data.

And Facebook is doing that because that’s the way the world is going. And that’s also the way to make money.

But maybe there is still room for private sharing. Twitter’s 140-character limit exposed something that people didn’t think they would want. Maybe Path’s 50-friend limit will do the same. 

I think that Treehouse has a particularly good way of mixing private sharing with public sharing. I like the idea that private is the default and public is the option. I know we’re not even one day in, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Path go there.

This concept also sort of reminds me of the private Twitter account idea. It definitely appeals to some. But does that scale? And what on Earth is the business model behind that? I have to assume paid accounts, but Path is currently free.

Mainly, I’m just jazzed that someone is going against the grain. That’s exciting. Often the best ideas spring from that — though perhaps not the best companies. At first.

And there’s no denying that the app looks great.

The backlash is going to be swift on this one. But it would be foolish to write it off so quickly. There is definitely something interesting woven into this concept. 

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