In Dreams

I first encountered 955 Dreams about a year ago when I came across a magical iPad app called The History of Jazz. When I sat down with co-founder Kiran Bellubbi to talk about the app for a TechCrunch story, it was immediately apparent that his vision extended far beyond just one beautiful app. 

I kicked off my story with something he said to me: “The shallow experience for a user has to be very interesting. The deep experiences have to be profound.” In the app-crazy world we live in, it’s not uncommon to hear developers attempt to get philosophical. But with Bellubbi, I totally bought it. 

And my instinct about Bellubbi and co-founder T.J. Zark proved correct. They followed up The History of Jazz with the equally brilliant On The Way To Woodstock. Both apps got Apple’s seal of approval in the form of App of the Week accolades. 

The used this momentum to build their first iPhone app — their most ambitious app yet —Band of the Day, last year. Once again, Apple responded with an App of the Week award. And they went a step further. Band of the Day was actually the runner-up to Instagram for the App Store’s App of the Year award last year.

Meanwhile, both The History of Jazz and On The Way To Woodstock were added to Apple’s App Hall of Fame.

Everything these guys touch turns to pure gold. And that continues today, as their latest creation, Band of the Day for iPad, was just bestowed with the App of the Week award. Yes, again.

If you’re a fan of Band of the Day for the iPhone, you’ll love the iPad version. If you haven’t played with Band of the Day yet, here is your excuse: it’s now a Universal app that will work on both iPhone and iPad. Find it here in the App Store.

The iPad version is a culmination of what 955 Dreams has been working so hard to build with Band of the Day. It’s not just an app, it’s the front-end of an entire publishing platform perfectly suited to take advantage of the devices leading the “Post-PC” age: the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (and yes, probably even Android one day too). 

In announcing the iPad version of Band of the Day yesterday, 955 Dreams also disclosed their seed round of funding. I couldn’t be happier that CrunchFund is involved as the journey towards deep, profound experiences and App Store glory continues.

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