Ode To The Air Part 7

Can I just reiterate my love for the new MacBook Air?

It has now been about a month since I first reviewed the product. At the time, I noted that it had replaced my MacBook Pro as my go-to computer. Some thought that might be a knee-jerk reaction. But a month later, the story is still very much the same. I never turn on the MacBook Pro anymore. It’s Air all the way.

And I don’t feel like I’m missing anything. Yes, the Pro is obviously more powerful, but for 99% of the things I do, I just don’t need all that power. What’s sort of amazing to me is that I’m just using the baseline 13-inch Air model too, with only the 1.86 GHz processor and 2 GB of RAM…

It’s perhaps a little ridiculous, but I’m even considering getting the 11-inch model too just for situations where I want to be really mobile. But the 13-inch seems pretty perfect as a all-day work laptop.

I haven’t seen any data on it yet, but I have a feeling the Air is going to be a massive success when it comes to sales. The first one wasn’t. But the first one was a flawed product. This version, in my mind, is the best Mac product out there.

My initial feelings about the then-unannounced product seem dead-on.

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