Hollywood’s core piracy “problem" is perfectly captured in this one cartoon by The Oatmeal.

In fact, I’ve had this exact debate with myself. I really want to watch Game of Thrones. But I’m not an HBO subscriber because I’m not a cable subscriber and unfortunately, the two go hand-in-hand, no matter what I’m willing to pay.

Speaking of “willing to pay”, okay fine, I can’t get Game of Thrones on HBO, but I’m willing to pay a quite a bit of money to get it via iTunes. Wait. Nope. Can’t do that either. At least not for a few more months — well over a year after the first season wrapped.

Netflix? Nope. Not streaming or DVD/Blu-ray. Amazon? Nope. HBO.com? Not unless I’m a cable subscriber. 

So my options are…

…well, I only have one option. Thanks Hollywood!

[via Yun on Twitter]

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    Yes piracy so ur stuck reading theboojs and waiting as the dvds r released.
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    Interesting perspective on content piracy.
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    The only problem with this reasoning is that you can’t separate the reasonable $120/year cost of HBO from the completely...
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    This is exactly it for me. I cancelled our cable this weekend; we were getting the cheapest, lamest, $15/mo package, but...
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    @rickwebb not exactly - given you have to be a digital cable sub in 98% of locales to qualify for the privilege of...
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    I think HBO should go to HR departments and propose a deal where everyone on staff gets HBO or a stipend if they don’t...
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    I sympathize with this line of thinking, but HBO is not the worst offender at all. HBO is $12 a month. That’s $120 a...
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    Yep, that’s been my situation here as well. This household “Cut the Cord” at the start
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    On this, Parislemon probably doesn’t have all the facts. There are many reasons that a show hasn’t become available...