Michael’s take on blogging/writing and “objectivity” is a good one. It’s almost as if what he says makes too much sense so the debate must go on! Which of course makes no sense.

At some point I’ll get to stop writing about this topic. I’ve been trying to move on, because quite frankly, it’s gotten boring. I’ve ignored requests to comment or to go on shows to talk about it, but the stories keep getting written anyway. 

You’d think these guys have something to lose or something…

Anyway, what it all boils down to — what it has always boiled down to — is that a few folks in the press think we should stop writing since we’re also investing. 

Okay. We’ll get right on that. 

Oh wait, you mean we don’t actually have to? There’s nothing that’s actually going to stop us? Odd. All these stories are written like there is. I swore I read that the God of Journalism was going to descend from the Pillars of Objectivity to break our fingers with his pearly white cane of truth. 

Want me to stop blogging? 


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    Microsoft has blogs. Google has blogs. The companies VCs invest in usually have blogs. It’s not like VCs themselves have...
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    No, please do not...blogging! We need someone
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