thatfrenchman asked:

I'm still an AT&T customer, but it pains me to be. I'm holding onto my unlimited data and I'm still getting a discount on my bill from a former employer. But every single thing AT&T does these days makes me want to throw those benefits away. But then I look at Verizon and their country-wide data outages and attempts at price hikes in the form of online debit charges. Do you still think the switch is worth it? Is Verizon the lesser of two evils?

Let’s be honest, all the carriers in this country are pretty bad. And they’re scared. They’re facing a future where they lost the SMS cash cow and potentially just become dumb pipes.

The problem is that they’re fighting this future with a breed of “innovation” that looks suspiciously like greed.

I go with Verizon over AT&T simply because their network is so much better in places like San Francisco, where I live. Obviously, a working network should be the most important purchasing decision. 

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