John Gruber filed the following Safari “bug” report:

Summary: In previous versions of Safari, there was a relatively narrow maximum width for tabs. This max width would come into play in windows with few tabs (1, 2, maybe 3). In Safari 5.2, tabs consume the full width of the window, even if there are only one or two tabs. I find that this is aesthetically unpleasing, and would like to see the old tab bar return.

I agree completely. The new Safari (5.2, still in beta) is very, very good. By far the best version of Safari yet — to the point where, yes, I’m actually using it instead of Chrome. But the tabs are ridiculous.

The same problem exists in Safari for the iPad.

Safari 5.2 now has an “omnibox” — a URL box from which you can search the web as well. Now they need to borrow the pinned tabs idea too. 

Update: David Chartier disagrees. I think his touch argument is certainly a fair point, but I’d still make the tabs smaller — touchable-width. Gruber follows up with one potential compromise. 

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    To me, the following is a little problem compared to the lack of favicon in Safari. I hoped Safari 5.2 could have been...
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    I too am not a fan of a tab taking up the full width of Safari. I don’t think there should be a tab at all if there is...
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    I disagree. I like...wide tabs, I guess it takes some getting used to though. parislemon:
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    Agreed, and I’m using 5.2 full time as well. I still want the return of the unified tab/title bar. Chrome has proven it...
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