Following the skepticism about Google+ usage, Google decided to give some numbers to The New York Times. Reports Nick Bilton:

In response to the public perception of Google Plus, the company said it has decided to share some of the user numbers for Google Plus. On a daily basis, 50 million people who have created a Google Plus account actively use the company’s Google Plus-enhanced products, Mr. Gundotra said. Over a 30-day period, he said, that number is 100 million active users.

Big numbers. But…

This is where the image problem gets a little bit blurry.

Although these numbers sound impressive, the catch is that Google Plus-enhanced properties include YouTube, the Android Marketplace and, the company’s flagship search engine. Yet Google contends that these numbers illustrate that more than 100 million people have signed up for a Google Plus account and are now actively engaging with Google Plus-related products across the company.

The key is how exactly Google measures “actively” here. For most services, it has typically been enough to say they’re interacting with the site/service in some way. But that’s at the very least tricky (and at the very worst misleading) with Google because they’ve baked Google+ into many of their previously popular products.

AIl I know what is what I see with my eyes. Basically no one I know that doesn’t work at Google and isn’t Robert Scoble uses Google+ regularly. Maybe my social circle is weird. But it never has been in the past. It’s always been a very good indicator of network strength. 

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    I think it really depends on who you/your friends are. For example, I and my friends have used (and continue to use) G+...
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    I’m with MG here. Google+ doesn’t earn credibility with me until non-techies & non-marketers start using it seriously....
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    MG’s social circle may be weird (for all I know he and Arrington hang out at crazy Eyes Wide Shut parties hosted by VC...
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