Too early to call it dead-in-the-water, but Google Wallet seems like one of Google’s biggest missteps yet. Olga Kharif of Bloomberg reports that Google is now considering giving AT&T and Verizon a cut of the transactions to get them interested. But I still don’t see why the carriers do this, it would totally undercut their own ISIS strategy.

Even better:

Another option Google is exploring: sidestepping the carriers altogether and relying more heavily on in-store terminals to complete mobile-payment transactions, the people said. This approach could involve additional hardware or software for the terminals, coupled with software that runs on Google’s servers, they said.

So instead of requiring phones to authenticate payments — something that needs assistance from carriers — the system might send transactions to Google’s servers for approval and then clear it with the retailer.

So Wallet will be Google’s mobile payment solution for Android that doesn’t actually use phones. Brilliant.

Instead, Google hopes customers will be willing to send all their purchase data to Google servers for no good reason. This sounds like a total clusterfuck

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