Lots of questions about the PandoDaily situation. To be completely honest, I’m a bit surprised by how this went down. I think Michael’s response is appropriate. 

The problem seemed to be us participating in TechCrunch Disrupt (and I assume more Michael than myself since I’m still a TechCrunch contributor). But we both speak at a lot of conferences. And I view it as valuable that we speak at a lot of conferences — for both us as a brand and our portfolio companies.

I still think PandoDaily has an opportunity to evolve the tech blogging space. Unfortunately, it won’t be with myself or Michael involved in an editorial capacity. Oh well. Plenty of other places to write on the Internet. Like right here, for example.

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    Damn, without MG there is no reason to visit the site, EVER.
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    We see one blog take great strides in giving different, interesting, engaging content and we see another rise out of the...
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