Philip Elmer-DeWitt looks across the field to find that the bets on how many iPhones Apple sold last quarter range from 26 million to 44 million (!).  

To put things in perspective, during Apple’s last quarter — the holiday quarter — the “holy fucking shit" quarter — they sold 37 million iPhones. By far a record — nearly double the previous record.

By my count, 13 analysts (both profession and independent) on Elmer-DeWitt’s list think they’re going to sell more than that record number this quarter. Wow.

My sense is that a number of analyst believe this will be the case because Apple actually sold more iPhones in Q2 last year than in Q1. But remember that the Verizon iPhone was first introduced into the market at the time, juicing sales.

I have no real insight here, but my guess would be closer to 30 million iPhones sold last quarter. That would still be 10 million more iPhones sold than Apple’s second-best iPhone quarter ever (Q3 2011). In my view, the 37 million blowout happened because of pent-up demand due to the delayed release cycle of the iPhone last year. 

I simply can’t imagine Apple beating that number until the next iPhone launch, but I could be wrong. And if I am, I shudder at the thought of what numbers Apple is going to post in a non-holiday quarter.

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