"Microsoft Is The Best!" — Unnamed Microsoft Employee

Earlier today, I wrote an anti-Microsoft post. Actually, it wasn’t so anti-Microsoft, I thought I was decidedly fair. My thesis was basically that Microsoft was done in the consumer space, but that they’d continue to do well as an enterprise company going forward. 

Essentially, they’d follow the IBM path. Nothing wrong with that. IBM is still a great company, they’re just different from what they once were.

For some reason though, all anyone cares about is the consumer space. And, let’s be honest, Apple now owns it. If it’s not clear to you now, it will be in a year. Or two years max. It’s just the way it is. 

In five years, Microsoft will be known as an enterprise company. That’s not controversial in my book, it’s just an observation on where things are headed.


More interesting to me is the fun nonsense that surrounds a story about a particular company.

So, I write a (perceived) negative piece about Microsoft…

…sure enough, here come the Microsofties out in defense!

And wait, who’s that? Oh it’s the Googlers in support of my story!


(To rip off Bill Maher) New Rule: If you work for a company that I just wrote about or that is a direct competitor to the company I just wrote about, you are not allowed to pout/gloat on Twitter.

At least not without disclosing your affiliation.

Dear Microsoft and Google employees, it’s great that you hate each other. Really, it is. I don’t give a shit. All I care about is writing something that in 5 years will be looked back upon as being right.

Your opinion on the matter does not matter at this point. Maybe a dick thing to say, but it’s true. Just keep quiet, or write your own post, putting your own thoughts on the line. Just don’t be a cowardly tweeter casually pretending that you have no skin in the game.

To pick on Microsoft for a second, here’s what I do know: I know about 15 people who have left he company in the past few years. Every single one of them switches to a Mac and/or an iPhone shortly after they leave. That does not speak well for the company.

And it speaks to what I’m talking about. People use Microsoft products because they have to, not because they want to. If you don’t make products that people use because they want to, you’re going to lose the consumer space. Actually, you already have. That’s what the post is all about. 

Now to pick on Google. I know at least a dozen former employees who are now ashamed and/or embarrassed about many of the things you’re doing. It’s great that current Googlers are so proud. But I don’t buy it for a second. To most, it’s a job, not a way of life. And that’s a problem. Because it used to be a way of life.

You’re better than Microsoft until you’re not. And I’m not so sure anymore. It’s one big fucked up boat of conflicted feelings. Don’t worry about sending tweets, worry about building the best products. 

Bigger picture:

What matters is not what I say today, it’s how those words hold up. Either I’m right or I’m wrong. I’m putting my words out there because I’m betting that I’m right. That’s the only thing that ultimately matters. To say I’m right or wrong right now is to entirely miss the point. 

Everything is wrong until it’s right. Everything is right until it’s wrong.

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