Over 12,000 views and 64 comments later, the consensus in this Branch thread is that we’re not in a “bubble”. Maybe the “bubble” side wasn’t fairly represented fairly, or maybe we’re just really not in a bubble. 

The one thing we all know for certain: more “bubble” posts are coming our way. No one, it seems, can help themselves. You can be wrong a million times, you just have to be right once. Everyone wants to be the one to “call it”.

Earlier, First Round Capital’s Josh Kopelman tweeted out a link to a post he wrote, rounding up “bubble” posts. It’s even funnier when you realize when he wrote it: 2007. And he has “bubble” talk going back to 2004. The best line comes from 2006:

Are we in a bubble? Absolutely.”

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    I read that whole post and the pro-bubble side wasn’t even close to being represented. We were in a bubble in 2006 too....
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