Remember last November when, out of the kindness of their hearts, Google started allowing people to opt-out of wireless access point collection? All you had to do was append “_nomap” to the end of your SSID.

It was such a seamless and elegant solution. Surely, everyone started doing it, right?

I’m with Jason Irwin — I haven’t seen a single “_nomap” SSID in all the places I’ve been in the past six months. Not one. I doubt anyone has.

I initially joked that usage would be .01 percent of the 10 percent that actually understand what to do. I’m pretty sure it’s actually far less than that.

The point, six months later, remains the same: this was a total dickbag move on Google’s behalf. It’s not the collection of the SSIDs (which others, including Apple, do as well) that’s so bad. It’s the notion that Google was giving everyone a choice with their opt-out. It was a false choice. No one was ever going to opt-out — certainly not the way Google implemented it. 

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    So 0.01% of 10% of ALL Americans works out to about 3,000 people. In the WiGLE WiFi database there are 63,986,834 unique...
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