An interesting, and ultimately I think pretty good, response from Google to an op-ed from the CEO of comparison shopping engine Nextag declaring Google a monopolist abusing its power.

Effectively, what SVP Amit Singhal is saying over and over again is: if you don’t like what we’re doing, go somewhere else. Almost the entire response is about Google’s competitors — they even bring up Google Minus Google.

That’s the thing — Google remains the best search product. In my opinion, they’re risking that with the Google+ nonsense, but people are free to go elsewhere.

This gets tricky when mobile comes into play though. Google is deeply woven into the fabric of Android and switching away from Google (not just the search engine) becomes problematic. In that regard, Google is lucky to have Apple around (and vice versa, by the way). 

Google’s larger problem though is one of perception. They’ve quickly making enemies out of seemingly everyone across multiple industries as they continue to attempt to do it all. And those enemies are increasingly calling them out. Having the words “Google” and “Monopoly” next to each other in a WSJ headline — even if it’s a misguided attack — isn’t good. Hence Google’s response.

And this will continue. As will investigations by governments into Google. And the grey areas of what they’re doing are bound to look black and white to someone eventually.

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