Nathan Ingraham on the new Paramount app for Xbox:

As with most of the other Xbox 360 media-playing apps, you’ll need an Xbox Live Gold membership, and you’ll also need to get Paramount and UltraViolet accounts set up (if you’re planning to purchase). Of course, the movies are still quite pricey (most films are $19.99 for the HD version, though rental prices are a bit more in-line with the rest of the market), and the app won’t play any UltraViolet movies you may have purchased from other studios. You also can’t buy or rent anything directly from the app itself — you’ll have to do all of that on your computer. 

Sounds wonderful. I’m confused — do studios think that people care which studio the films they watch came from? Why would anyone use this app over Xbox’s built-in movie store? Why would anyone use this, period?

And man oh man is UltraViolet a turd.

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    Yup, Ultraviolet is a big honking turd. The site, and the corresponding studio site I had to go to in order to “access”...
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    Most people don’t know (much less care) what studio made a movie.
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    I’ll pay for the service with the most content. I don’t care who made it.
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    Couldn’t resist the urge to repost this. The movie business is wildly political and there are a lot of hands angling to...
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