The Realtime Flow

With Twitter for Mac’s realtime updating, I have it as an always-open stream to the right of my browser. Any links I click on from there then open in a new tab in the browser. I find this to be an extremely quick way to go through stuff coming in in realtime. 

It really is like a faster RSS reader that also happens to be filtered (by those I follow). Sure, I have to click through to actual pages, but speeds are so quick these days that it doesn’t really matter. And I don’t mind supporting the sites that I read.

Obviously, I’m still using Google Reader for backup, but I’m finding that this method plus Techmeme will serve me pretty much all the stuff I really need.

When I’m writing, I click the little birdie in the menu bar to hide the Twitter app as it’s entirely too distracting to the eye with the constantly moving flow. 

Of course, this flow is for my 27” iMac. It doesn’t work as well on the tiny screen of the MacBook Air. There, I utilize Spaces, keeping Twitter for Mac open in the space to the right of my main browser.

It’s not quite as efficient there yet as I’m hitting Control-Right and Control-Left every two seconds.

Plus Twitter for Mac comes with this hidden bonus. Which is awesome.

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    This is what I do. I have a second monitor hooked up to my imac and I put Twitter for Mac over there and its perfect.
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