Anonymous asked:

On your post "Not a single person at the Aurora, Colorado theater shot back...", do you realize that repealing the second amendment would just make it so you and I can't buy guns and ammo? The black market will still sell them and people like this who had ILLEGAL weapons would still be able to obtain them. Think about it.

I absolutely do realize that. And in this case, he bought them LEGALLY, so it would have stopped that. At the very least, it would have severely impeded his insane goal. What good is you and I buying guns and ammo if we didn’t stop this? You and I buying guns and ammo never seems to stop things like this. Strange. (Not really.)

But yes, it would create (extend) a black market. Luckily, guns are not as easy to produce as say, drugs. A focus on the black market in this case would be significantly easier. Over time, that may change, but for now, it would work to great effect, I imagine.

By the way, I don’t think drugs (for the most part) should be illegal. I have no problem if someone wants to hurt themselves. I have a problem with people who want to hurt other people. My right to extend my arm ends at your face.

  1. rickwebb said: I get so mad when people say that they’d still be buyable on the black market. WHY? Is it easy to purchase grenades, missiles, napalm, or bazookas on the black market? We could make it near impossible for normal people to buy guns if we wanted to.