I won’t go over all of them — I’m sure someone will dive deep. And the post itself does a pretty good job from a developers’ perspective. (Though the quadrant thing is sort of a nightmare.)

I’m mainly with Hunter here: ”Regardless agree/disagree w new @twitter API requirements I’m glad they ripped band aid off, gave clear guidance to devs”. Also, everyone has known this was coming for months.

Still, that’s not going to stop the backlash.

My main objection is that I wish Twitter had their own house in better order before telling everyone else to “shape up or ship out”. For example, neither the Twitter for Mac nor Twitter for iPad apps have been touched in months. That’s not exactly leading by example. 

You have to imagine that Twitter is finally at work on the iPad app once again — especially given the iOS deal with Apple. Quite frankly, it’s ridiculous that they’ve let it linger this long. 

The Twitter for Mac client seems more hazy. That was all Loren Brichter, who left months ago. And while Twitter is now baked into OS X as well, tweets you click on redirect to the website, not the app. They may just go website-only on the desktop. Or maybe TweetDeck fills that void. (Pure speculation.)

With that in mind, one would hope they wouldn’t kill off Tweetbot, which is currently alpha testing their Mac app as we speak. Developer Paul Haddad seems to think the app will be safe (across all platforms), which is obviously a good sign. 

This is going to be a bumpy ride.

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