Jim Dalrymple rightfully destroys Amazon’s PR this morning.

Yes, the Kindle Fire is “sold out” — just as the Microsoft Kin, the Palm Pre, and the original iPhone are “sold out”. They’re “sold out” because Amazon has stopped fucking making them ahead of the new one due next week!

As for the 22% market share thing, who the hell knows. That sounds way too high, but since Amazon won’t share any actual sales numbers they can essentially say whatever they want. Worse, they don’t even disclose where the 22% number came from. If it’s not from a third party, presumably it’s from Amazon itself. Maybe the Kindle Fire is accounting for 22% of tablet sales on Amazon.com — but that doesn’t make sense either given the sub-headline: “10 of the top 10 best-selling items on Amazon since Kindle Fire launched are Kindle devices and content”. That means the Kindle Fire would have to be outselling the iPad on Amazon. Also, Amazon doesn’t say “22% of tablets sales on Amazon”, they just say “22% of U.S. tablet sales”, period.

I think it’s fair to say they have captured 22% of the market for tablets whose manufacturers refuse to disclose sales numbers. Also, 22% of the market for tablets that begin with “K” seems likely. 11 out of 10 experts agree.

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