It’s a great question, by Peter Bright.

The not-so-subtle subtext of this week’s Nokia event is that’s not Nokia’s fault they couldn’t announce a release day for the new Lumias ā€” it’s Microsoft’s. Why? Because Windows Phone 8 is not done yet.

In June, Microsoft held a “Windows Phone Developer Summit” and incredible didn’t have an SDK to give out at the time. This started the dominoes falling. And apparently, they’re still falling.


Apparently aware that time is running out, Microsoft has at long last spoken. Next week, the company will release a beta SDK… to a few people. Calling it a limited “Preview” release, some number of developers with existing, published Windows Phone 7 applications will be able to use the new SDK. This is in addition to an existing private beta program already running, that’s giving OEMs and special software partners access to the software.

A beta version of an SDK. Released to a limited few. It’s enough to make you wonder just how seriously Microsoft is taking all of this?

They were already two years late to the smartphone race. Now, just when it looks like they may have an opening in the post-Samsung/Apple lawsuit world, they keep on stumbling. No one is saying this stuff is easy. But Microsoft is one of the biggest companies in the world. And their future depends on this. What the fuck are they doing?

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