I still find it sort of odd that Apple would upgrade the iPod line alongside the iPhone when we already know (or presume to know) that they’re doing another event in October for the iPad mini. The iPhone is by far Apple’s biggest business and clearly warrants its own event. And the iPad mini would be a perfect “one more thing” at an iPod/iTunes event, no?

But I wouldn’t doubt Mark Gurman’s sources here ā€” who, if I had to guess, are well-connected folks at Apple retail with early access to coming-soon inventory. So, new iPods it is!

I’m most interested in the supposedly redesigned nano, and what they may mean for the now bustling iPod watch market. I still expect Apple to move into this market itself one day.

Also interesting is what Gurman is hearing about the iPod touch. Apparently, there may be a new fifth generation model at the high end. Without knowing for sure, Gurman throws out some guesses as to what Apple could do here. Colors? But he misses the obvious one: the larger screen. If the iPhone is getting one, doesn’t it make sense to release at least one iPod touch with the screen as well?

Now I just want to know what Apple plans to do at this October event. Maybe new iMacs? Maybe a new Retina 13-inch MacBook Pro as well? Or maybe they’re just well-aware that demand for a smaller, cheaper iPad will be massive. Maybe it will be a full iPad line refresh (complete with the new dock connectors) just in time for the holidays.

Apple Stores, start your cash registers.

(And no, I don’t think the Apple Television is coming this year.)

Update: Sure enough, Rene Ritchie has the goods that the higher price point iPod touches will indeed be getting the 4-inch screen as well.

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