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RE: Kindle Fire As Swag. Makes sense in some ways, not in others. Unlike a free shirt, the Kindle Fire is NOT free. I have a hard time believing that a person's decision to buy one would not affect whether they buy an iPad too. Maybe I'm missing something. I currently don't own a tablet but am considering getting in at a low price point (a Nexus 7, Kindle Fire, or a mini iPad, maybe). If I end up going Fire, I will be doing so INSTEAD of an iPad. It's a $200+ investment, not a free shirt.

Sure, but in an ideal world, Amazon would be able to give it away for free. They’re getting close with the Kindle eReaders!

The point is that it’s an entirely different model and that matters to both sides of the equation. Kindle Fire sales so far have no impacted iPad sales, and like Dediu, I expect that non-trend to continue. But on the flip side, I could see iPad mini sales hurting Kindle Fire sales…

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