Anil Dash:

To see Android make the leap from being the default option that comes with a service plan to actually becoming the platform that defines smartphones in the public’s imagination, Google needs to take on not just Apple but everyone in the Android hardware space too. Motorola has said it’s going to streamline its offerings. I’d push that even further. Go with a single model. And it shouldn’t have a name that reads like a license plate. Instead of the Atrix HD MB886, it should just be the Nexus Phone, with a marketing campaign that focuses on the phone, rather than Android. (When’s the last time you saw an iPhone commercial that talked about iOS?) Make it clear that this is the Google Phone.

Agreed. And I do think it will happen. But it will take time because it means going directly against what Android was supposed to be all about.

Right now, Google will never admit to this reality. To be honest, I’m not sure most people on the Android team even realize this reality. But at the end of the day, this comes down to making money. Microsoft is currently making more money off of Android than Google is. iOS is providing more mobile revenue when it comes to Google searches. The model is already broken and it runs the risk of cracking wide open unless there’s a product that can keep it together.

The true Google Phone.

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    A different perspective and another way of asking what went wrong for google and android? But ı don’t agree completely !...
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    I disagree. For Goomoto to do this, they also have to deal with the cellcos like Apple did and does and I say Google’s...
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