I’m going to break my rule of not linking to The Wall Street Journal (actually, I won’t ā€” I’ll link to Techmeme linking to it, which will get around the paywall anyway) to link to this gem of an article.

And by “gem”, I mean “total shitshow”.

After a few paragraphs about the Maps situation which are then cast aside as irrelevant (only to be brought up later on), we get a few paragraphs that simply make no sense. The words are English, but they lack the fabric of reason to tie them together.

In summary:

Apple’s television goals will may fail because content owners mostly want one fully open system. Like now but not. Or else DISH network with skipping ads. And Apple will change to access. But won’t. While becoming Microsoft two years ago. Maps, closed. Enemies, ads, e-commerce. Netscape with. The Justice Department and HTML5, which Apple is using to subvert Apple. Pipes!

It goes on with more such gobbledygook, believe it or not. I can’t recall ever reading such a relatively short piece that was such a mess in terms of being all over the place. And this was in the paper yesterday.

Hope you took drugs before you read it.

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    It’s poorly-written and abuses commas all over the place. I can actually read it, but I have to keep going back to check...
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    It sounds like someone did a quick translation to english and then didn’t bother editing it.
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    Omg I’m dying. I am posting one of my favorite paragraph I’ve read in years. Lmao
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    Can I blame this article on Murdoch as well?
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