One other nugget from Charles Duhigg and Steve Lohr’s piece on technology patents is worth another link:

Another sign of fatigue is the frequency with which executives and lawyers from Apple and Google speak to one another about patent disputes. Earlier this year, Google proposed a cease-fire, according to people familiar with the conversations. And when Google withdrew its Motorola suit last week, it was widely seen as a peace gesture.

But Apple has been hard to pin down, said one person from Google who was not authorized to speak publicly. “Sometimes they’re asking for money. Then they say we have to promise to not copy aspects of the iPhone. And whenever we get close to an agreement, it all changes again.

“Our feeling is they don’t really want this to end. As long as everyone is distracted by these trials, the iPhone continues to sell.”

Everyone (myself included) had been wondering why Google withdrew the Motorola suit against Apple. This article suggest it was a straight-up peace gesture, but it reads just as much like a well-timed maneuver to spur talks. Perhaps that’s just me being far too cynical. But I doubt it.

The last quote is just humorous. Is the Google employee really suggesting that Apple enjoys the litigation? Or that the iPhone wouldn’t sell if everyone wasn’t so busy in court? It’s hard to know which is more ridiculous.

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