Chris Velazco for TechCrunch:

Since the only device that fits the description is the iPhone 5, that breaks down to about 651,000 iPhone 5s sold and activated since the device’s launch in September. That may seem a bit on the low side considering the near-religious fervor that iPhone launches tend to inspire, but it’s worth remembering that Apple’s newest smartphone hit the streets just prior to the fiscal quarter’s close.

Right, we’re already seeing a lot of confusion on this, but it’s really not complicated. While Verizon announced their quarterly earnings today, the actual quarter ended around September 30. In other words, the iPhone 5 was on sale for just nine days before the quarter ended. And it was supply-constrained the whole time.

I have no doubt we’re going to see the same level of confusion when Apple announces their earnings next week. The iPhone numbers will be lower than some are expecting because again, it will only include a couple weeks of supply-constrained iPhone 5 sales. Q1 is the real quarter to look at.

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    Terrible numbers, all right. “Only” 20% of iPhones were 5s. Which were on sale a whopping ten days or so in the 3Q.
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