I’m all for the “_____ is dead” articles, but this one is a bit odd since their two examples of it dying are Blogger fading in the U.S. and LiveJournal.

It just looks like a case of “we have a story, let’s find some stats to match it”.

First of all, as NYT notes, Blogger is actually growing quite quickly globally — which is actually pretty surprising. But the larger issue is that people are moving from some older blogging tools, like LiveJournal and Blogger, to others, like Tumblr and WordPress.com. 

Speaking of WordPress, founder Matt Mullenweg has some good thoughts on this. And he’s right that one of the big “blog killers”, Twitter, can’t fully kill blogs because sometimes you do just need more than 140 characters to say what you want to say. 

At the same time, people who had been writing very brief thoughts about a topic now do seem to do that more on Twitter or Facebook. But who cares? Mullenweg’s key point remains the important one: people are expressing themselves more online overall, no matter the format.

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