Speaking of the Wii U, here’s Engadget’s review by Ben Gilbert. It features an important note near the top:

Note: Nintendo delayed TVii into December, and the majority of promised functionality was not made available to reviewers ahead of the console’s November 18th release date (including crucial components like online infrastructure, the Miiverse social network, Nintendo Network, Nintendo TVii, and Wii backwards compatibility). As such, we’re updating our review as we use those features, post-launch.

It sure sounds like this was a rush job. I get it ā€” the all-important holiday shopping season ā€” but this has me very worried about Nintendo’s prospects here. I’m sure it will sell out quickly because it’s Nintendo, but they’re going to bolting on key parts mid-flight. Always better to finish a plane before it takes off.

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    For this reason, and a few others, I’m thinking if I get a Wii U it will be several months down the road.
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    Fuck Nintendo
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