Arik Hesseldahl for AllThingsD:

In another slide we see Autonomy’s revenue and enterprise value as of January 24, 2011 — less than six months before HP’s acquisition — converted to U.S. dollars and compared against other notable software companies. Autonomy is valued at about $5.7 billion, or a little less than six times revenue. Six months later HP would pay nearly twice a much, which struck pretty much anyone paying attention as odd if only for the timing of the deal. Now HP says it paid about $5 billion too much for Autonomy and that amount lines up almost exactly with the increase in Autonomy’s valuation from this point. Coincidence? Maybe. But, interesting!

In hindsight, nearly everyone seems shocked that HP paid as much as it did for Autonomy — obvious now, given the $5 billion write-down! But the only one who seemed to be really vocal about this at the time was indeed Larry Ellison.

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