Henry Blodget isn’t sure. I’m not either. But I do know that my father is in that camp.

Over the holiday weekend, my dad revealed that he recently got an Android phone. Not because he wanted one, mind you, but because his old flip-phone broke and the Verizon rep heavily pushed an Android device on him. He agreed as it was free.

So what does he use it for? To make calls. And to take a few pictures, which he sends via text or email. That’s it.

In fact, it annoys his greatly that the phone has all the other “crap” on it. This lead to his rather humorous short review.

He noted that if he had to get a smartphone, he probably should have gotten an iPhone but he knew a new one was coming out soon (he got the new phone right before the iPhone 5 launch) ā€” and again, the Android phone was free. (Yes, the iPhone 3GS would also have been free, but again, the line was about to be updated).

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    iphone buyers chose to buy them and use them. Android buyers have them shoved on them (with requisite data plans) and...
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    Too complicated or inconsistent?
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    I come across this story time and time again — people get Android phones because their old phones die and they need...
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    there’s no 3GS on Verizon. But the 4 is free now.
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    But please use quote around the word “free”. A phone tied to a contract isn’t free. In neither meaning of free.
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