Russell Brandom of The Verge:

But smartphone shills have a bigger enemy: metadata. Twitter knows what app you’re using to tweet. After a few design tweaks in August, you won’t find that information anywhere on, but it’s still readily available in many third-party clients like TweetDeck (which is what we used for the purposes of this article).

It’s amusing (though fairly meaningless) how many celebrities that get paid to endorse one product actually use another for personal means. Also amusing is how obvious this all is thanks to Twitter — see: Oprah, for example.

More interesting may be the people at companies that make one product, but have employees that use another in their own time. See: Microsoft and Google employees that use iPhones. On one hand, it’s great that they’re not stuck in the bubble of their own companies. On the other, what does it mean if your company’s product isn’t good enough that you want to use it on your own time?

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