Alexandra Chang for Wired:

The general consensus among companies Wired spoke to is Windows 8 device sales are meeting, or almost meeting, projected sales.


That’s not to say Windows 8 is selling superbly. On the contrary, one OEM said it had lower expectations for Windown 8 than previous launches simply because the field is so much more crowded.


“We had a little bit different expectations for Windows 8 than previous OS launches,” Jeff Barney, VP and general manager of Toshiba America’s PC and TV business, said. “In the past Windows was the only game in town, when it was Windows 7 or Vista it was the big event of the year. These days it’s a different environment.”

So Windows 8 sales are meeting expectations for some PC makers — but only because those expectations are so much lower than they have been in the past. And some aren’t even meeting those lowered expectations.

My proposed new nickname for Windows 8: Windows Ate (My Homework). So many excuses. So little to be happy about.

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