Chris Dixon:

Some of the biggest mistakes I’ve made as an angel investor stemmed from being beholden to the finance lens. The finance lens feels more scientific and therefore appeals to analytical types. It might sound unsophisticated to say “the products for X are crappy, and I have an idea for how to make them great.” But in many cases, it’s actually that simple.

Excellent post. One year in, I often find myself too focused on the finance lens as well — which is stupid, because I admittedly know far less than I’d like on that side of the equation. It matters, obviously. But if the product works, it works. The best ones have a way of finding a way to make it, regardless of the economics at a given time.

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    People tend to place more weight on data they can track on paper than on data they can’t. Mistaking the tip of the...
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    Good read on Finance Vs. Product lenses by Chris Dixon. Via: Parislemon
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