David Cay Johnston in an op-ed for The New York Times:

SINCE 1974, when the Justice Department sued to break up the Ma Bell phone monopoly, Americans have been told that competition in telecommunications would produce innovation, better service and lower prices.

What we’ve witnessed instead is low-quality service and prices that are higher than a truly competitive market would bring.

Yep. And:

The remedy for these anti-consumer practices is straightforward: bring back real competition to the telecom industry. The Federal Communications Commission, the Justice Department and lawmakers have long said this is their goal. But absent new rules that promote vigorous competition among telecom companies, it simply won’t happen.

This is a major problem for the U.S. — especially with regard to high-speed internet connections. Google may well have a solution with their fiber, but I’m concerned that’s going to take decades to roll out everywhere (if it ever does). Buying/building a carrier really may be the best option.

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