Garrett Murray:

The GamePad also features NFC support, a stylus, a proprietary port on the bottom and OH MY GOD WHO CARES. Basically, the GamePad is Nintendo’s answer to the iPad. Only its touch screen is non-capacitive (and therefore quite poor), its resolution is lower, it’s thicker, heavier and uglier, and you can’t play games on it without being in reach of the Wii U console. Playing for an extended period of time on the GamePad is very fatiguing because the GamePad is large and quite a bit heavier than any other game controller on the market.

Even more damning may be Murray’s list of just how long it takes to do anything on the Wii U. It’s almost 2013, those load times are unacceptable.

I’ve had a bad feeling about the Wii U since before it launched. Murray’s notes seem to confirm all of my worst fears.

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    I haven’t played much, but I completely disagree. To compare the Wii U to an iPad is complete folly. The Wii U is fun,...
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    Reblogging this from an iPad 2 right now actually. The gamepad is not heavier by any means at all. It’s lighter than an...
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    OH WHO CARES is my reaction to his complaints. The Gamepad has a good quality screen (of a lower res than the iPad, but...
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