Brian X. Chen for The New York Times:

I get some messages from other friends that promptly disappear as well. Most of them say something along the lines of, “What is the point of this?” or “This is so weird.”

Sounds exactly like people talking about Twitter five years ago. And basically every eventual breakout tech product. If it was obvious, it would be obvious.

I still not sure about the long-term prospects of Snapchat/Poke, but that’s exactly why these things interest me. Discount natural user behavior at your own peril.

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    My theory: If you don’t get Poke/SnapChat then be prepared for a lot of the future to make no sense too. 10 years ago we...
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  5. seldo said: That was never my experience of Twitter. I’d been trying to build something similar and was pleased to see it when it arrived. Not so Poke/Snapchat.
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