The shitshow continues… (And yes, I’m going to point out just how right I was each time one of these stories hits over the next year.)

Nick Wingfield for The New York Times:

It used to be that a new version of the Windows operating system was enough to get people excited about buying a new computer, giving sales a nice pop.

Not this time. Windows 8, the latest edition of Microsoft’s software, failed to pack shoppers into a Microsoft store in a mall here last week, at a time when parking lots in the area were overflowing. The trickle of shopping bags leaving the store with merchandise was nothing like the steady stream at a bustling Apple store upstairs.

Here’s what I don’t get about these stories though: they all point (either explicitly or implicitly) to a bad U.S. economy as being a major factor in shitty sales. And yet, the same economy doesn’t seem to be hurting Apple — even when it comes to Mac sales.

It’s almost as if no one wants to admit the obvious: the age of Windows is over. O. V. E. R.

The economy will come back. The sales of Windows-based PCs will not.

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    People said Apple was dead in 1997, and while Microsoft itself may be able to reinvent itself like Apple did, Windows no...
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