The timeline of the far future artice is far from the longest page on Wikipedia, but it might take you several hours to get through because it contains so many enticing detours. What’s Pangaea Ultima? Oooh, Roche limit! The Degenerate Era, Poincaré recurrence time, the Big Rip scenario, the…

This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang, but with an amazing Wikipedia page.

One of my favorites:

7.9 billion years: “The Sun reaches the tip of the red giant branch, achieving its maximum radius of 256 times the present day value. In the process, Mercury, Venus and possibly Earth are destroyed. During these times, it is possible that Saturn’s moon Titan could achieve surface temperatures necessary to support life.”

Because it’s a movie just waiting to happen. And no, not that Titan A.E. bullshit (which takes place in 3028). A real science fiction film that takes place 7.9 billion years in the future. Of course, if human beings are going to be in it, we’ll have to avoid about 100 other mass extinction events that seem certain in the time between. 

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    This has been my favorite Wikipedia page since a friend first sent me the link about 6 months ago. While it’s...
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    Timeline of the future. Incredible stuff.
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