Jenna Wortham on the rise of Snapchat-esque communication for The New York Times:

These applications are the opposite of groomed; they practically require imperfection, a sloppiness and a grittiness that conveys a sense of realness, something I’ve been craving in my communication. They transform the screen of your phone into a window into the life of your friend, wherever they are at that exact moment.

This is actually the most interesting element of these applications to me as well, the real-time nature of them. I often think about the day when you can hit a button and get a view into a friend’s world at that exact moment from their phone or Google Glass or whatever. To some that will sound incredibly creepy, but there are ways to do it and this all seems like a step in that direction.

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    Adults talking about Snapchat is the latest “thing” and I think it’s all bullshit. Spend a week with your 14 year old...
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